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KaaS Technosolutions is a leading solution provider in consulting & implementing various complex Enterprise Business Solutions. Founded in 2013, the company has been serving the ASEAN and Global market,working together with companies to streamline processes in achieving competitive advantage in software market.

agileSI™ fully integrates SAP® compliance and security-relevant information into the central monitoring. Once in SIEM, agileSI™ Security Intelligence for SIEM helps to interpret SAP® information as “just any other log source” for monitoring in SIEM.

CISOs profit from enhanced transparency and compliance checks as well as automated reporting and real time monitoring. Security engineers in the SOC get extracted raw data to correlate and build use cases upon as they see it. SAP® specialists gain the opportunity to monitor data and processes, while massively saving time on the security aspect. agileSI™ is your complete observatory into SAP®.

SAP® is your mission critical backbone for the entire enterprise, it is a very rich and complete ERP application (in it's core). There are however compelxities, in between all the parameters, settings, configurations, customizations and very often in a multi system landscape, it is easy to get confused, leave backdoors open. Our motto is to help you keeping it secure, so you can SAFELY DO BUSINESS.

What really runs your company is the SAP® system and the users. It’s the core of your process executio, your CRM, FINANCE, R&D, BI, HR, PRODUCTION, PURCHASING and MANAGEMENT.

agileSI™ gives you INSIGHT and the power to PREVENT, DETECT and RESPOND to unwanted or suspected behavior in your SAP® systems, IN REAL TIME.

You need to protect your investments and that means the data, the processes, the intellectual property. Every employee in your organization is doing their best to keep the ERP in top condition. The executives in command (CEO, CFO, CIO, CISO) must ensure that everything is done to protect the digital company.

Defending your SAP® systems from outside threats and make sure insiders operate the SAP systems at maximum effectiveness as well as security.

agileSI™ has dashboards custom tailored for executives, cyber defenders, and SAP® specialists, so you always see what is most relevant for you.

Infor builds business software for specific industries in the cloud. With 15,000 employees and over 90,000 customers in more than 200 countries and territories.

Infor software is designed for progress & their specialties include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemicals,Distribution, Equipment, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare,High Tech & Electronics, Hospitality, Public Sector, CRM, ERP, HCM, PLM, WFM, EAM, SCM, FM, Retail.

HCL started its operations in Singapore in 1980 and was HCL's first foray outside India and indeed the first internationalization effort by an Indian IT company.

HCL has come a long way from building computers to being a leading Systems Integrator in this region. HCL has been instrumental in introducing the Singapore IT landscape to many a leading international brand - The first RDBMS, first Enterprise Storage, first ERP, etc.

ThinkClear specializes in building scalable products and applications to help companies use their enterprise data and services to create connected digital ecosystem experiences. With extensive expertise in Enterprise and Consumer applications architecture, we help clients create a robust technology ecosystem, built on industry best practices.

Our team consists of top notch Architects and Developers who developed world class products and applications.

Infor ERP LN Solution Services
We cover all operational services, including service desk, system administration, capacity planning, facility management, maintenance, backup, recovery, and archiving, as well as a full range of services for optimum application performance.
Application Management Activities for Infor Ln
We offer multiple application management activities related to Infor Ln such as Call Management, Incident Management, Change Management. Functional application Services and so on.
MicroSoft ERP Solution Services
With wide range of technical and customization experience in the ERP field, we offer multiple MicroSoft ERP Solution services in world wide such as MicroSoft Dynamics AX, MicroSoft Dynamics CRM and MicroSoft Dynamics NAV.
Web Development Services
Being an expert in the web development industry, We offer wide range of web application development and maintenance services to the customers and strive hard to mark their inevitable presence in the World Wide Web.